Spring Garden has been a landmark of Columbia County for over 35 years.  Our mission from day one was to provide our community with great tasting Chinese food that originated in the NYC.   We strive to provide the freshest ingredients and best tasting sauces available.  Our produce & meats come in five days a week and we use top of the line brands included Tyson's & Nationals Beef Co.

Our motto is stick to our root.  We serve some of the best classic Chinese dishes in the area.  Whether it's our signature Sesame Chicken, our popular General Tsao's Chicken (photo below), or the classic Chicken with Broccoli, you will never find disappointment in them.  We also feature new dishes for our adventurous patrons from time to time, whether it's spicy Thai dish or in-season Mango Chicken made with fresh ripe mangoes.  We strive to make the best of your dining experience and we can always tailor to your needs.  We will not only able to customize dishes meeting your tasting demands, we also make sure they fits your dietary needs weather it's Gluten free or Allergies free. 

Great food and solid reputation are time-tested.  Despite ever challenging economic environment and ever-evolving competitions from new comers such as Applebee's, Asian Cafe, Food Sing, Chopstick, or the Buffet, we are still here.  No matter what the challenges are, we are still standing strong, because we believe in our food and our mission to serve the community.

We also promise to make your food quick whether you want a last minute meal or hungry for some good tasting food.  Our slogan is "faster than fast food".  We can prepare your meal in as little as 1 minute and 15 minutes or less under normal circumstances with our super heated 1000 degrees wok.  So, don't hesitate to give us a call if you need something in a hurry.

Don't forget, we also have a full-service Bar and a separate party room that's available to all occasion.  So come'on in for a Zombie or a Mai Tai.  Or just simply a glass of wine or beer.  If you are planning a birthday party, a corporate party, a chapter meeting, a general meeting, or simply a party, our spacious party room can comforatbly host up to 65 guests. We look forward to see you here.  


The art of cooking

Below you will see the transformation of raw ingredients into a beautiful piece of work.